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I did it !!

Finally.. I signed the lease on my shop… I now have a wool/yarn shop !!

After 35 years of longing I have signed on the dotted line and 6 weeks from now I hope to open the doors to ‘PLEKO’ (Greek for ‘I  knit’)…. lists of things to do are whirring around in my mind… the super nice landlords have installed a toilet for me.. I have a nice office upstairs to do my ‘other job’ (I am really an Accountant and the income from this will fund my shop venture until it can stand on it’s own two feet) and I have the plans from an interior designer (landlords wife) as a starting point..

To do list includes: Electricity/Telephone/Plasterboard where necessary/build ‘window display area’/shelving/till area/it is endless…. off to knit a sweater for my poor neglected hubby !!

Any ideas for my shop greatly appreciated…



Headache :-(

Aaarghhh… I woke today with the worst headache ever…. my new puppy ‘Millie’ greeted me with her ‘legs crossed’ giving me ‘the look’ which basically means ‘quick’ I need to go out… I quickly threw on my dressing gown, picked her up (she is only 2 and a half kilo) and made it to the garden just in time.. .ohh the joys of ‘Potty training puppies’… Having had a positive attitude towards a potentially stressful time following ‘Greek red tape’ I attended the IKA (Greek National insurance) office yesterday only to find they had invested in venetian blinds for all the windows open to the public.. the result being that everyone needs to ‘take a number’ and wait in line… quite civilised you may think… in most society this would work except there is a big ‘BUT’ and that is that they issue 200 numbers every morning and then they switch off the machine !!!  I only wanted to ask a question.. but no.. I promptly went to another floor in the building to look for a ‘human’.. only to be told to ‘go back downstairs and take a number’… I went back down and started to chat with someone who had a number.. she was number 187 and she got the number at 7am.. it was now 12.30pm… it occurred to me that I should ask her if I could buy it from her (1st rule of Greek red tape… you can usually buy ‘anything’ ) then it occurred to me that she may be insulted… she suggested I just open the door to the back office and go in and ask the question.. or even worse, push in the next time there was a free window…. as I am an ‘English wallflower’ this was not an option… I left 😦  If I had to go back I would take my Greek mother in law !!  she would sort them all out .. he he…    My poor hubby was sat outside waiting for me in the car and he got the tail end of my anger …. I have dealt with some pretty high profile corporations in my life but the Greek government offices leave me in tears..  I gave in and returned home… my shop a distant memory as without this document I couldn’t open.. there must be a way around this… let me think !!

Wish me luck !!

As some of you know by now, I am opening a wool shop in Crete, Greece… I have found the shop decorations and alterations are under way.. I just need to register with the Chamber of Commerce and get my VAT number then it’s Spend, Spend, Spend !!  Or so I thought …..  I now have to obtain ‘papers’ from the local IKA (National Insurance) office…. I will stay positive and use my best Greek to get what I need… please wish me luck.. this could be the most difficult step of the whole process…  promise there will be pictures once I take some 🙂

My New Shop !!

‘Kalo Mina’ everyone (Greek for ‘have a good month’)

I am determined to ‘blog’ the progress of my new shop !!  After months, or even years of dreaming about my own yarn shop I have finally taken the plunge and put a deposit down on a little shop, with office above, in Chania, Crete.. where I live !!   I am so excited and can’t actually believe it will happen… I have now begun to make lists of things to do EVERYWHERE…. I am panicking.. trying to remember my dream shop. how it will look.. what direction the sun will shine into the shop.. will my yarn fade in the summer sun.. will I upset the childrens clothes shop next door if I have baby clothes in a display.. what will I call it ?  I will definitely be stocking Designer Yarns (Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding etc) as they have been there for me since the first second.. help from their sales manager has kept me going when I was ready to give up.. but what else should I stock ?  I will need ‘padding’ as I have the mamouth task of buying around 4000 balls/hanks of wool. something I thought would be the easy part is now horrifying me 😦   the list goes on… one step at a time.. watch this space !!  ps.. All suggestions greatly received

New Month.. make a plan !!

I have decided that it is about time I got on with this ‘blogging’ lark !!

I had a busy day !!  Woke early (for me) went into town to get my hair done as tomorrow is my Daughter’s birthday party and I am really looking forward to it..

As it is a new month.. I have decided to make a plan… I procrastinate way too much and it is time I finished something so I call my friend on the way into town to meet up and discuss my business plan.  I have spent all my life helping others create and run successful businesses so it’s about time I had my own.

We find the perfect shop.. it looks tired and has been empty for over a year but it ticks all the boxes… and as an added bonus, the road it is on has recently been pedestrianized.. if only I could find out who the owner is to ask if we could rent it… we both see such potential and for once it appears my dream could actually come true 🙂

Chania 05.01.12